Wednesday, October 2, 2013


BOTA(Battle of the Aces) is in a process right now called solidification. Pretty much what I'm doing is making sure every--or close to every--aspect of the cards are concrete. Here are the step to finshing the game in order (THIS MAY CHANGE)...


  1. Making sure that the collisions (when cards come into contact) in every scenario (very difficult) are structurally sound and create no defects or "glitches".
  2. Starting to develop the point values for the cards (other changes in the cards can be done here but mostly in step 1). 
  3. Actually redoing the cards on the computer and printing them.
  1. Go over the game manual and rules and make sure everything makes sense and can be easily interpreted.
  2. Test the game many times to make sure no kinks are present.
  3. Create another board
*Future Advancements*
  1. Possibly create a box and try to get it published
  2. After I learn coding or potentially use Game Maker to make a PC/App version

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Good progress

A lot of good testing coming through. Minor break throughs but it is a stead process. Still much to do till stage one is complete.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

A New Approach

Battle of the Aces is turning over a new leaf. I have finally fallen away from some of the molds that have, in a way, corrupted the game. Here is a list of them.
-Safe Zones
-2-4 player
-# of cards
-card point values
-board size 
-type of testing
-some card changes

I will be focussing more this time around on solidifying the game and then start balancing the cards from there. This will be made easier with the new abundance and point value malleability. 

There are a couple new abilities. Many annoying things have left the game. Solidification is almost complete. Games are somewhat shorter since the board has been cut down to size. This will allow more time for testing and such. The game is still very complicated but is becoming more concrete with rules and the facts on each card.

New cards are in the process of being made. For now... Pictures will not be added to them due to lack of space. But I will figure out how to incorporate them sooner or later. Facts are now added to the front of the card. This has posed a challenge since space is a minority. I will keep printing test cards to find the best font and size for maximum space and info. 

These are my plans in order.
1). Solidify cards to a point where only minor changes need to be made (abundance, facts, and point value)
2). Test cards so all facts and collisions are accounted for and smooth
3). Fix and adjust rule book
4). Finish new cards
5). Create new board
6). Try to get the game publish or publicly tested!

Friday, February 22, 2013


The game is going to be focussing on 2 player.

Maybe a later version will have 2-4 player.

This will help reduce board size and bypass a lot of problems.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Took a week off from the game

When making your deck you may only pick 13 different cards. Each will have four.

Not much else will be posted since so many things are changing.

It is getting close to being able to test with no notes needed.

I will inform you when testing starts up again.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Territory revision

The Card Slot is being removed and being replaced with the Discarder

This allows you when a card lands on it to either discard and trade with the top card of your deck. This will only be activated when the Middle Ground is occupied by one of your cards,

More revisions and things to come.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Manual Work

No really testing being done.

Soon I'll be doing card to card testing where ill test different scenarios with cards.

This will make testing go faster.

Other than that all I have been doing is sprucing up the game manual.